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The Peoria-Area Amateur Radio Club traces it roots back to the Peoria Amateur Radio Club, which was first established in 1919. The Peoria Amateur Radio Club, one of our predecessors, was one of the first organized amateur radio clubs in the United States. The present club, the Peoria-Area Amateur Radio Club, has evolved from the joining of two clubs in the early 1980′s.   At that time, the 85 repeater club merged with the Peoria Amateur Radio Club.   Both clubs benefited from the merger.   The 85 repeater users, gained a larger membership base and financial support for the repeater, while the members of the Peoria Amateur Repeater Club gained a repeater.  Today PAARC is affiliated with the Central Illinois Chapter of the American Red Cross.  A special thanks to this organization for assisting our club.  The American Red Cross provides us with meeting space as well as a location for a club station. 

You can contact PAARC or keep up with club activities in various ways, please click on the Social Media title above and check out our Social Media page for the different ways.

Board of Directors for 2016


President - Fritz Bock - WD9FMB

Fritz Bock – WD9FMB

Vice-President - Bob Sims - AB9B

Bob Sims – AB9B

Treasurer - Deb Suhs - KA4DEB

Deb Suhs – KA4DEB

Secretary - Mark Suhs - W9WGN

Mark Suhs – W9WGN

Trustee - Bob Bush - W9WTF

Bob Bush – W9WTF

Director-At-Large - Jim Polson - W9JDP

Director-At-Large – 2 year
Jim Polson – W9JDP

Director-At-Large - Gary Kanter - W9GMK

Director-At-Large – 1 year
Gary Kanter – W9GMK

Superfest Chairman - Ron Morgan - KB9NW

Superfest Chairman
Ron Morgan – KB9NW

Repeater Chairman - Dave Lucas - KC9DAL

Repeater Chairman
Dave Lucas – KC9DAL

These are the members of the Board of Directors for 2016.

PAARC-Constitution – Revised – July-2015

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