Fox Hunts

If you want to find out what it takes to learn a little about Radio Direction Finding so you can get started in Amateur Radio “Foxhunting”, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you call it “Foxhunting”, “Bunny Hunting”, “T-Hunting”, or just Hidden Transmitter Hunting, it really doesn’t matter.  You can hunt from your car, bicycle, airplane or on foot. And because there’s no need to transmit while hunting, you don’t even need to have an Amateur Radio license to participate. What matters is that there is one common goal: To determine where a hidden transmitter is located. For this you need some way to tell the direction from which the transmitter’s radio waves are coming. Then it’s essentially a matter of proceeding in that direction until you reach the transmitter. That’s a bit of a simplification, of course, but not by much. Although you can use some pretty sophisticated electronic equipment to make finding the transmitter easier, it doesn’t take a lot to get started. We’ll leave discussions about the “High Tech” equipment for another time and focus on the basic essentials. That’s what you’re here for, right?


W9UVI Fox Hunting 

 -All hunters (includes teams and individuals) must gather at the designated starting spot and sign in.

-We will start promptly at 3:00PM, so plan to arrive before 3:00PM

-No transmitting on the Fox frequencies

-All hunters must obey the traffic laws when in the hunt

-All foxes will be located on public accessible land

-Each fox transmitter will have another fox’s transmitting frequency attached to the transmitter

-Take the top consecutive number from each stack of numbers attached to the transmitter box.

-No APRS beacons from the hunter will be allowed as this will aid in the transmitter location.

-Hunter with the lowest point total and shortest elapsed time will be declared the winner.

Here’s the location of the next fox hunt…..Fondulac Park in East Peoria at the top of Springfield Rd Hill…..we will be in the back of the park at the first parking lot.

Tape measure beam, kit style….

WB2HOL Tape Measure Beam Kit

The WB2HOL Tape Measure Beam is one of the standards for transmitter hunting. The beam as provided in the kit is good for 2M but it has also been successfully scaled for use on other frequencies including 121.5 MHz (used for ELTs.) A complete kit is also available that includes the tape measure beam with an assembled and tested offset attenuator and enclosure.

A choke balun consisting of 6 – 8 turns of coax around the beam will help reduce the pattern skew significantly. It is not shown on the plans for the WB2HOL Tape Measure Beam, but should still be added to the antenna.

The parts included in the kit are:

 Qty Description
1 7″ Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
1 11 1/2″ Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
2 1/2″ Crosses, Schedule 40
1 1/2″ Tee, Schedule 30
 2 #12 Stainless Hose Clamps
 1 1″ Tape Measure Reflector
 2 1″ Tape Measure Driven Elements
1 1″ Tape Measure Director
 1 5″ Wire (hairpin match)
 4′ RG174A cable w/ crimped on BNC connector
 18″ Gaffers Tape
 6″ Gaffers Tape (for element ends protection)

Note: If your radio has an SMA connector, a BNC to SMA adapter will be required (not included.) We have seen a couple of problems with bad BNC to SMA adapters (center pin not making contact) so double check that if you need to buy one.

Construction plans for making the Tape Measure Beam antenna are available on the WB2HOL web site.

Ordering Information

The kits are $21.00 each plus $8.00 for shipping. To order, payment can be made by check, money order, or PayPal (my email address is my PayPal ID.) Please email me first to confirm what kits you are purchasing. My callbook address (KE6HTS) is good and my email address is: .

Note: This kit is provided with permission from Joe Leggio, WB2HOL.