FCC Amateur Radio Exams are held at the Morton Public Library, 315 West
Pershing at 12:00 noon the third Saturday of even numbered months, with the exception of April this year, testing for April 2017 will be on the fourth Saturday (4/22/17).  If no one is there at that time the examiners will leave as they are all volunteers. Walk-ins are welcome. Please bring your original Radio License (if any) and a copy, and the original and a copy of any of any Certificate of Completion (CSCE) not already acted upon by the FCC. Copies are needed to send with your license application. The current fee is $15.00. You will also need identification such as a Driver’s License, a picture ID, school ID and a Social Security Number. Contact Bob Bush W9WTF at tigrbob@gmail.com for more information.
Bloomington: Note Location Change

FCC Amateur Radio Exams will be given at the Bloomington Public Library, 205 East Olive St.  The dates for 2016 are: 1/21/16, 3/26/16, 5/28/16, 7/30/16 and 11/12/16. Testing begins at 1:00pm. Bring two forms of identification. To verify dates and location or for more information, please contact Keith Hanson AC9S at AC9S@hotmail.com

Note: – A Social Security number or an FCC issued FRN number is now required for all FCC licensing exams.