ADA / Handicap Parking


Peoria Superfest is very sensitive to those with special parking needs and have secured a limited number of parking spaces for these needs. Unfortunately, the demand for ADA/Handicapped parking continues to grow each year and we simply are unable to accommodate everyone who requests a space. Therefore, we are requiring advanced requests for ADA Parking Placards.

Pre-registration is required. Please send the following information:

1. Your name, call sign, and address.
2. A self-addressed stamped # 10 envelope to:

P. O. Box 3508
Peoria, IL 61612-3508

Again there are a limited number of ADA/Handicapped parking spaces available, so get your requests in early.  Please understand if you choose to wait and just come to the show the probability that you will find no ADA/Handicapped spaces available is extremely high.

Again, we STRONGLY urge you to send in your request early and in advance of Superfest 2017.