Sunday Night Net Script

Script for the Sunday night net…

Good evening and Welcome to the W9UVI  Sunday  night net. My callsign is_________, MY name is_________ and I will be tonight’s Net Control Station, This net meets on the Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club W9UVI repeater with an output frequency 147.075 MHz and an input frequency of 147.675 MHz .and requires a 156.7 CTCSS tone.

In case of repeater trouble the net will be held on the WX9PIA repeater at 147.330 output and 147.930 input, requiring a 103.5 tone.

This net is an informal directed net and is open to any amateur radio operator with 2 meter privileges; the purpose of this net is to share general information, amateur radio news, and club activities. 

Before I take general check In’s, Is there any emergency or priority traffic.  

Hearing none, I would ask that as you check in, please state your call sign clearly and use standard phonetics if needed.

Run traffic list, then followed by any club announcements.

Close the net by saying

Thank you everyone for checking in we had a total of _____, this is (callsign) returning the repeater to normal amateur use, till next week 73 All.

Everybody following the proper net etiquette benefits us all with a smooth running net where all wish to participate.

First the basics…

CHECKING IN: When you check in with NCS with your callsign with no trafficmeaning you have nothing to share with the net. If you check in with just your callsign NCS will assume you have traffic, PLEASE if you have something to share check in with your callsign followed by with traffic.  This helps keeps confusion to a miniuim during those pileups!

Here are a few of the prowords that are used during a net.

CONTACT: Used if you, as station are monitoring a net, hear another station on the frequency that you would like to call. Example: you are monitoring one of the nets, you hear a buddy of yours check-in with the NCS, you say the word “contact”, followed by your callsignand standby and wait to be recognized. NCS will give a “contact” station priority, knowing you have just heard a station you would like to talk to. Do not use “contact” to just check-in.

RE-CHECK: If you had left the frequency for period of time to meet a station that you left the net and could not make contact elsewhere you would say “re-check” followed by your callsign, and standby and wait to be recognized. Including your callsign here is always important. The NCS should give you priority to see if your station had returned to the net and try your contact again.

RE-ENTRY: If you had left the net for a period of time and would like to advise the NCS that you are back, say “re-entry”, followed by your callsign, and wait to be recognized.

 COMMENT: If you wish to comment or add to, someone else’s traffic, simply say… “Comment” followed by your call, Wait to be recognized by NCS.

There are some other words or terms used that we will not list, but becoming familiar with the basics and using them properly the above noted words will help to make the net run more efficient for us all!