PAARC Get on the Air Contest 2017

Monthly contest period is from the 1st to the last day of each month at midnight.  Contest starts on January 1, 2017 and will end December 31, 2017.  There will be monthly winners as well as an overall winner for the year.



  • Logging of contacts can be in any documented form, including hand written logs, software logs, spreadsheets etc. In any case, it must be delivered to Matt Behnke in electronic or paper form by the dates indicated.   It must include the following information:  Date and time of contact, your location, the contact’s call sign and location, frequency, power used and antenna used.
  • All contacts are to be simplex, contacts via a repeater will not be accepted.
  • Log of the contacts are due by midnight of the 5th day of the next month. Winners are announced by the 10th of the month after the monthly contest ends.  For example, the January contest ends on Midnight, Tuesday, January 31….Logs are due on 2/5 and the winners are announced on 2/10.
  • Monthly points will be awarded as follows for each contact you submit. 3 points for the longest distance, 2 points for second place and 1 point for third place.  This is for each category for which there is an entry.

For example, you might submit an entry for the following FM simplex contact.


Date Time Your Location Contact with Frequency Power Antenna
12-25-2016 1:00PM Peoria KD9AZR 146.400 50 watts Vertical


If this had been the only contact submitted for that month for an FM simplex contact, the submitter would be awarded 3 points.  Points will be tracked monthly throughout the year.

  • QRZ will be used to verify the distance between contacts.
  • This contest is open to all amateur radio operators that submit contacts for consideration.
  • Contacts from other competitions can be used in the PAARC GOTA competition.



1)HF including WARC Bands (160-10 meters)

2) 6 meter and 2 meter, 220 centimeters

3)  70 centimeters and above



1) AM, FM, SSB, CW

2)  Digital (including but not limited to JT65, RTTY, PSK31, etc)


Power (3 Classes)

1) QRP (10 watts or less)

2) 10-100 watts

3) Above 100 Watts