PAARC operates a pair of 2 meter analog repeaters with excellent coverage of the Peoria Tri-County Area.  We are also have in operation a DSTAR® Repeater system with operation on 2 meters. The  440Mhz and 1.2Ghz repeaters are not in service at this time.

Our repeater operates on 147.075 MHz with an input up 600 KHz at 147.675 MHz.  The “075” repeater is located on a commercial broadcast tower near Washington on the east side of the Illinois River.  At 400 feet, the antenna is nearly 1000 feet above sea level and 500 plus feet above average terrain in the area.  A CTCSS Tone of 156.7 Hz is required to access the 147.075 repeater.  This tone is needed on both the input and output.

The “original 85” repeater system is located East Peoria on Route 8.  The output is on 146.850 MHz with the input down 600 KHz at 146.250 MHz.   For those wishing to use it, a  Tone of 103.5 Hz is on the input.

PAARC has been given a DSTAR® Repeater system.  The 2M system is currently active with an output at 145.10500 and input at 144.5050.  The 440Mhz and 1.2Ghz systems will be added soon.  Additionally, the internet gateway has been installed, Comcast is the ISP for the D-Dtar system.

All PAARC repeaters are open and use is encouraged by the general amateur community.  However, user features are reserved for club members,  and PAARC may limit access to the DSTAR System and network as required.

If you have any questions about the PAARC repeaters or need more information on their operation contact the club by email: